Mohammed Yusuf organized Boco Haram back in 2002. Since that time they have been working overtime to establish themselves as a legitimate terror organization. The video remarks on just a couple of incidents. I am preparing a more complete time-line right now.

Where is the state department in the last decade of kidnappings and massacres? Has Hillary dropped the ball on Boko Haram? She was in a position to identify them as a terrorist organization as Secretary of State. But as yet this pack of feral dogs has been given a pass on being identified as a terrorist organization. Why? They have been working their butts off trying to garner a reputation as a bad-ass group by doing more heinous acts than anyone else on the block. One theory that has been floated is that our state department is reluctant to designate another new terrorist group during midterm elections. You Know, “Al-Qaida is on the run?” The administration is in denial concerning the WAR that has been declared on modern western civilization by the military wing of Islam. So you may hear all sorts of claptrap and verbal gymnastics in an attempt to de-terrorize the situation . I suppose we should leap into action and call a team of volunteers from OSHA to go inspect the obvious “work place violence” that has blighted northern Nigeria.

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