Christian Genicide

Christian genocide is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fact that it is being underreported by the Main Stream Media is a testimony to narcissism of the public. As long as these massacres are neatly tucked down below the Sahara and the populations affected are black, nothing significant is being done by those international organizations that can do for them. When I hear snowflakes crying for safe spaces on campus or barking for respect plus one for their particular sexual identity I am driven to an emotional nausea at the very thought of such self-serving  political correctness.

The possibility of having your community razed to the ground and families being put to the knife or gun because of their religion, frames the gripes of the average citizen of the developed societies in a damning fashion. Our hubris I hope will eventually fall before the pressure of public opinion so that the scales might fall from our eyes and our hearts will regain the vision to see the unpleasant realities they have turned away from for so long.

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