Getting with the Feminine Jihadi


Taliban in makeup seems exotic. I recall a film of a group back in the early eighties,  then known as the ‘Mujahedeen’ as  they were preparing to fight Russians. I  was amused to see the care that they put their eyeliner on in one shot then snap a fresh magazine into an AK in the next.  Another strange cognitive contortion is the image of one of these Cinder-fellas sawing through the throat of victims with a dull knife, (sharpened if he was favored in one way or another. Back in the eighties they usually paused just to freshen their eyeliner before a battle. They seem to have evolved since then. Kind of makes you wonder if they have Marylyn Monroe impersonators that come in with a little Karaoke and sequined dresses once in  awhile.  Thomas Dworzak came across the photographs in the backroom of a studio and offered to buy them.

OK Uncle Trump


I concur with Uncle Donnie’s intuition about Brussels as per his submission about three months ago. I am more impressed  with the man who trusts his instincts enough to trust his gut feeling about a thing.  I have always cultivated a sensitivity to my gut. You’re gut will never second guess you into the wrong answer! I have got to hand it to him on this call. He felt it a couple of months ahead! 


Rubbing Salt in the Wound



In my clinical career I have counseled many couples in jeopardy. TIme and again I have seen battered spouses find the strength to leave, only to return. As a therapist I can safely say such behavior makes me crazy. But insult is heaped upon injury and the spouse accepts all manner insult. So hundreds fill Copenhagen streets in support of a terrorist. Insult to injury. But of all the people in the world, it is the abused spouse who can endure such insults. They become numb.  Can Denmark still feel? Or has the shell-shocked  numbness of an abused spouse taken over?What gives the crowd the courage to so disrespect their host country. They know the ..”stupid bitch is gonna take it….. And like it.”






When is a lie a lie?


 It is comforting to hear the truth occasionaly.


Such a revelation begs the question, “What took them so long?” 1400 years and you just now think of attacking the pope. Of course he IS a harder target than a day care center  or a crowded bus.





it is inconceivable Obama didn’t know that the Muslim Brotherhood has been in a fist fight with the mainstream Egyptian population for eighty years. The brotherhood is a widely known value. I see almost no possibility Obama has been so consumed with other issues that he didn’t familiarize himself with what is actually one of the old gangsta’s in the terrorist game. So why did we back them?