Yeah Baby!

I  never used the excuse “My dog ate it” when I forgot or just refused to do my homework. This tactic was not lost on the founders of Islam,… but it was more like, Part of the Holy Quran is lost, ‘because my goat ate it.” According to Mohammed’s favorite wife Aisha, who stated she had the pages under her pillow. Apparently the confusion of Big Mo’s death covered for the sneaky quadruped as it entered her bed chamber and ate the pages. Pages dedicated to women suckling grown men as a way of preventing sexual impropriety.


Big Mo is presented as the perfect example of manhood and is touted as a role model for his followers to follow.

The kicker is that after torturing a man for money and then beheading him, Big MO took the mans wife as a rape slave. HE TOOK THE TORTURED AND BEHEADED MANS WIFE AS A RAPE SLAVE!

Left My Car Battery and Testicle Clamps at Home Darn It !

Gina Haspel , candidate for CIA chief has endured much gnashing of teeth and rending of vestments in red hot vetting by congressional Democrats in a frenzied bid to sink her  appointment. A woman who has received kudos from both Dems and Pubs for her extensive experience and fine performance during the dark days following 911 is being pilloried for her peripheral involvement in waterboarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” directly following the planes hitting. It is wise to remember that at that time our learning curve had to be straight up!  We knew nothing, not even when and or if there would be another massacre. Included below her pik  Steven Crowder demonstrates the level of torture we had in comparison to other countries.

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You know what real torture is? Working shoulder to shoulder with a large group of women. Nurses are the worst ! The petty quarreling and heinous back biting brings you to your knees in seconds.