U.N.: More than 12,000 Iraqi civiliens killed in 2014 violenceTwo kinds of retreat in war. A withdrawl with appropriate rear guard cover, and the rout.  The redeployment  is a tactical adjustment of troops with organized resistance to cover against enemy fire. Usually units leap frog each other so that there would be a harassing fire to suppress the enemy advance.

  A rout is when panic grips the troops and they run.. No organized resistance,  just broad backs for targets as they flee for their lives. The end result of the “rout” is  usually annihilation of the fleeing force.

Soooo, Bama said if we gave him the job he would get out us of Iraq. He was strongly advised by his generals to leave the a transitional force or face consequences.  But POTUS knew better. He decided on the Rout route for his buy-in to an express elevator  to  Elysium.

No covering force was left to ensure a smooth transition to a peacetime state. Panic however, cannot be fingered for the cutting and running in this instance. We cut  because the POTUS had his ego on the line concerning his promise to get us out of Iraq and he was beginning to feel the heat But what the heck, he got us out didn’t he!

12000 Iraqi’s. have died in 2014. The greatest number of deaths since 2008.

He got us out, didn’t he?