ISIS has renamed itself ‘Islamic State’ and has declared a Caliphate of the Iraqi territory it has claimed to capture. Note, any territory claimed in Iraq will more than likely contain thousands of miles of nothing but desert. Now there will be some concentrations of dead families and such, these will be designated as cities.
But the grim truth of the matter is that they said they would and they did. They wanted a Caliphate, Usually the little terrorists state they want a world-wide Caliphate. I guess they are re-evaluating their process.
We as well as Iraq are standing at the crossroads of history. We are waiting to see what happens.
Let us roll that around our mouth for a while. We are waiting to see what happens. Action has been usurped by sideline hand wringing. We used to lead the world. Now, under the Obama doctrine, we wait and see.

America was a backwater and a lot liked it. We saved the world a couple of times and stepped onto the world stage when we faced down the Soviets for forty years. We fought the proxy wars and each side had its despots. Each side played its proxies like Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Now we have walked away from the game. We have, in effect, opened the door for the Iranians and Russians. And they are on their way already.

Takrit is the target for Iraqi army. I think they will take it. After that,…who knows?



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