waiting for a miracle One wonders what is going through the minds of the men that are pictured above? Did they conjecture about the men, evenly spaced with AK’s ready? Did they question why they were being herded to a remote area that had a large clearing? Did it dawn on them that they were about to be executed?

I remember the first time I saw the grainy black and white films of Jews obediently running to the edge of deep ditch full of their fellow victims dead bodies.   I am  always disturbed by how co-operative  victims are, even to the point of the trigger pull. The typical reaction to watching such films of the holocaust is. “No way! I’d fight to the very last moment!” I am sure that some of these very people, herded to the ditch  and stripped to the skin, entertained such thoughts of resistance. Why then, does no one fight back?

 Like a deer transfixed to the headlights of the approaching car they stare in disbelief as they meet their fate. They must bewaiting for a miracle” to save them.

  Denial is the co-conspirator, keeping the victim in place and non-violent while the Beelzebub boys   take aim. I am, on a good, non-militant day, agnostic. And even I will take up the sword and a shield  on that fateful day