Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin’ on by the fingernails

Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin' on by the fingernails

Too late for reconsideration and recriminations do no one any good. The mess that is Iraq is merely passing the stages of regime change they would have been going through had they initially had the nerve to dispose Saddam themselves years back. This precautionary tale tells us that when we feel that a despot is just too mean to his little people, before any military move we may make, we should sit down with Dave, take a stress pill, and watch an episode of Sponge Bob till the feeling passes.

 Internal, and as far as Iran’s involvement goes, external groups machinations toward vivisecting Iraq’s cadaver are just the continuation of a family squabble that has gone on since Mo’s death some 1500 years back. Shias and Sunnis / Hatfields and McCoys. You know the drill. It is in the nature of Pop-Turds (Muslims that kill), to kill anything that is breathing in their area. The world should build a fence around the middle east and then just back off for about twenty years. When we return and open the gates we will find a middle east that is a  lot quieter and far less populated than it is.



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