.Romantic love does not exist.  Sexual attraction exists at the beginning of many if not most relationships  that end in long term partnerships. As a matter of fact I feel I have insulted the very concept of partnership by equating it with romance.

It’s been a while since divorce rates have passed the 50% mark. Now the bricks that bind our society, the nuclear family, (mom, dad, brother or sister) is at the skinny end of the slope downhill.   Just turn on the T.V., All too often the father is portrayed  a bumbling fool, the mother looks like a swimsuit model, the children are savvy stand-up comics and their relationship is a series of deceptions, and cute misdirections aimed at getting what they want at fathers expense.With the emasculation of the American patriarchy, with it’s defects, and butt of all humor, the very judgment and thought processes of the culture have been softened to  the condition of a warm loaf of bread. The robust nature of males has been assaulted to the point that a safety course on the proper use and misuse of the male penis is not far down the road.

With the popularizion of the “anti-hero” in popular culture, and the “bad boy” values that guided the hand of our men have lost their luster. It is true that there is a pile of work needed to merely civilize the millennia-old concept that patriarchy meant somebody was going to be victimized.

Grant me the serenity to accept, The things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference.

This old adage, popularized through A.A. has been contemplated endlessly. With the phrase “wisdom to know the difference.” presenting us with the conundrum of the day. It is a matter of deciding what is right and good on a case by case basis. There will never be an “answer” we can finish the matter with just the best we can do from moment to moment. Only 15 year old Gurus have that bit of wisdom nailed down.

At the very base of our culture, or any society, is the smallest bonded group, the family. With family  values, traditions and beliefs passed on and the roles , (patriarch, matriarch), clearly modeled from an older member, the strength of the family, neigberhood and local community. A man that can love his wife and children, stand with his heart covered and eyes on the flag can still do wrong. A man , on the other hand,, who commits many violent acts and lives selfishly is capable of acts of generosity upon occasion.


I spent the day yesterday sitting with my 32 year old daughter as she had her chemotherapy treatment. I was humbled by the quiet courage I saw in this young woman. It is amazing how much spiritual strength you absorb just by being near such a strong personality. My wife  was also right there, giving as much love as she could. The prognosis on her stage 3 mass is positive. That is good. The mass is about the size of a handball. “Scary.”

Her four sisters, 3 young children, her mother and father as well as her partner will guarantee there is someone to be with her with her 24/7. Such is the strength the family, where no one is forced to comply but wants to please those who love them. The sinew, blood an bone of the patriarch was never meant to offend, to suppress those in their care, but such muscle was meant to stand in harms way  and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Love is strength, it is patient……love is commitment to the whole, even at the expense ones own wellbeing. After the Roman empire collapsed, a thousand years of violence blood, and cruelty defined western culture. The inquisition, the crusades and war after war to aggrandize petty nabobs and their dreams of empire marked an era of ignorance crowned by conquest and plague ignorance threatened to wipe out the whole of western Europe.

But the heart of Christendom survived. The immutable truth, in the words of a humble carpenter served as a light toward which mankind could find its way.

Evil will be with us always. We must not give in. Our vigilance must not be abandoned to fear or fatigue. We must not turn our back on love. The fact is that any system of spiritual belief that gives the male head of the family king-like power… is doomed to abuse that power selfishly. You know…”git me another beer bitch!”




The Devils Due


Love can be the most powerful force in the human heart. Hatred can be just as potent a drive as love, should it be nurtured and groomed in spite of the destruction it embraces. The pik below links to a simple opinion piece but it refers to the displacement of one culture by another and why the west should start worrying now.

Featured Image

There is a good chance that our great granddaughters will look like this in as short a span as two or three generations. So is it hatred to reject the enemies of freedom? Is it love or just misplaced “good intentions” to open the borders to those who want your territory but not your beliefs? Can the constitution dovetail with sharia or will the superstructure of democracy crumble before such a set of beliefs?

I am big, 6’3″ and a couple hundred pounds. Is it manly to use my strength to suppress those I am supposed to love. Or is it the true purpose of muscle to protect rather than conquer our own? I believe I have been given the gift of strength to stand in harms way for the benefit of those I love? Any respect I receive should be earned. I could get curtsies and bowed heads with a raised fist. but that is fear, not love. Should harm threaten my people, is it hatred that brings my raised fist against that harm?


The process of displacement has already metastasized throughout Europe right now.  


The Jerks


When one speaks of a “knee jerk” reaction it refers to that cute little kick that comes when the doctor whacks you in the knee with his little rubber hammer. Neo-NaziA knee jerk reaction is one that comes without deliberation. It happens as a defensive gesture to an assault on a vulnerable area. It is a “push back” against applied force. Such it is with the rise in right wing hate groups springing up throughout Europe.  Just “Klikdapik’ for a pretty fair little article about cultures feeling assaulted by conditions in the world today. It bodes ill for the Democracies of Europe and eventually your city council.


The Filthy White Boy


Glenn McCoyThe hypersensitivity of the millennial is merely a reflection of the impotent infantile rage of a digitard. Socialized in flickering cathode tubes,  in dark basements and dorm cribs, dwebes wander through their  hypersensitized, psyche, entitled and having never sacrificed or suffered for the well-being of another, they are bereft of common concern for their fellow humans.

Welcome to the new millennia folks.


NO thanks. Hold the Brussels Sprouts


Dogged by the feeling, where is the tipping point? When will the need to act overwhelm the need for P.C. perfection.

“A funny thing happened on the way to Jihad…”


Brussels sprouts…..Muslims at an anti-cartoon rally in Grozny .

young girlThe decisions of the parents are visited upon the children. Europe, once basking in the revenue of cheep immigrant labor, now is crushed beneath an ocean of welfare receiving Muslims. America, for other, more altruistic reasons, faces the same future as Europe.


Behold a pale horse….


DON’T RUN, you’ll just die tired…



I was taken by surprise. I was concerned about the culture.  I awoke at the point of Obamas 1st campaign. It was then I was educated. I found out that while I was searching the far frontier for signs of sappers, my own crew had mutinied behind me. Somehow a large portion of the U.S. has seen the ultimate wisdom of the  money and benefits to be had from latching on to the Government teat for a good old suck. The American family is losing it’s identity as the boundries of what it means to be married changes seasonally.  The expendable male has no place at the table  in a welfare state geared toward lending assistance and benefits contingent on his absence. We have destroyed the concepts of success and failure so there is no enticement to excel nor repugnance at sloth.


 With success  a curse for the souls who trade off long hours of dedicated work for scraps thrown back after a bloated government has it’s lions share. Bureaucracy is the new aristocracy, with unlimited expense accounts, astronomical salaries and no firing, ever. Obama is clearing a patch where utopia can grow. Unfortunatly, the values that are the superstructure of our American culture, such as Independence, self reliance and industry  constitute the weeds he is pulling.

We see failure in a weak economy, Obama sees failure in that it is still alive at all.



The Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) has raised objections to a film documenting the domestic violence that is a part of the Islamic culture. Their ability to intimidate organizations to capitulate is growing.
The levels of shame based thinking will only increase in a population that has been feminized. Females are now raising more and more males without a male role model.
Without the masculine impetus, (assertiveness, forthright thinking and confrontation of the noxious) the only tool at hand is the “victims retreat” In a feminized society the person who is beyond reproach is the victim. Being a victim has been rewarded on so many levels in our softening culture that it feels like the only weapon is to get real hurt and guilt massively. There is a problem. Terrorists, sociopath and your neighbor who hates you aren’t going to be guilted. They are going to laugh at the victim.



Divorce reaches 50% in the culture at large.  With the two parent family goes the unifying values of the family-based society. and with the father exiting the family, brat boys become dangerous adult males. (Males not men).

Here is a passage from letter I wrote to a very dear and long lost best friend.

   By the way, Some of my brood has made it to the top of those damn stairs, but as yet I just stand at the bottom, look carefully up at the endless stairs and say “Well, tell me what it looks like from the top.”
Schools are institues for dissemination of  party line.  I personally have found deliberate  lies in my girls text books.
Deb, has some close connections with a Ugandan family. She helped with school clothes and supplies etc.  From the rather detailed descriptions they give, a society of loosely connected tribes are hunkering down in the slowly decaying ruins of the British colonial involvement. They got what they prayed for. Now things are worse.
   The basic character profile of the average American has changed. I am a little ashamed that I didn’t call this one. But I woke up to find that our nation of “don’t tread on me” Americans had morphed into “Hey! Bama gi me a Bama  phone!”
Multi-culturalism is our instinctive tributary back to tribalism, now our feckless, illiterate, unmotivated people  are hunkering down amid the decaying ruins of western civilization, as our common history is revised, sanitized and cropped to acceptable dimensions. 1984 is now and Winston Smith is busy changing history.
    Bob,I believe this to the marrow. It is happening.
I started my humble little site with the hope of joining the fading chorus of those still remember what it was like’ Before the emasculation of our culture. A clear definition of what was,what is being lost, and what might be coming needs to be made. I believe that there is a majority of people who feel like ‘apostate conservatives’, ever so slightly marginalized. Self identification as independent rather than Republican or Democrat has topped 40%. We apostates are the largest single identified group. I call myself a “Western Conservative”
for reasons I will later address.