Diversity is Beautiful……

Diversity is beautiful, flawless and good for us….EVERY TIME!  The article and video linked to the rather intense picture below says it all. I would like to add, however,… Where is it written that all religiously focused behavior is correct all the time? Accept, of course, when it is Christian in origin. Then it is open season for all abuse and insult. The objective reality is that some cultures are better than other cultures. But of course objective reality is a mean thing and it should be shunned if it interferes with further diversity. “Wait! I am getting confused! Up is down? Blood should be splattered on the street and not kept in ones veins? I guess I’m a bigot.”


Here is a passage from letter I wrote to a very dear and long lost best friend.

   By the way, Some of my brood has made it to the top of those damn stairs, but as yet I just stand at the bottom, look carefully up at the endless stairs and say “Well, tell me what it looks like from the top.”
Schools are institues for dissemination of  party line.  I personally have found deliberate  lies in my girls text books.
Deb, has some close connections with a Ugandan family. She helped with school clothes and supplies etc.  From the rather detailed descriptions they give, a society of loosely connected tribes are hunkering down in the slowly decaying ruins of the British colonial involvement. They got what they prayed for. Now things are worse.
   The basic character profile of the average American has changed. I am a little ashamed that I didn’t call this one. But I woke up to find that our nation of “don’t tread on me” Americans had morphed into “Hey! Bama gi me a Bama  phone!”
Multi-culturalism is our instinctive tributary back to tribalism, now our feckless, illiterate, unmotivated people  are hunkering down amid the decaying ruins of western civilization, as our common history is revised, sanitized and cropped to acceptable dimensions. 1984 is now and Winston Smith is busy changing history.
    Bob,I believe this to the marrow. It is happening.
I started my humble little site with the hope of joining the fading chorus of those still remember what it was like’ Before the emasculation of our culture. A clear definition of what was,what is being lost, and what might be coming needs to be made. I believe that there is a majority of people who feel like ‘apostate conservatives’, ever so slightly marginalized. Self identification as independent rather than Republican or Democrat has topped 40%. We apostates are the largest single identified group. I call myself a “Western Conservative”
for reasons I will later address.