The Filthy White Boy


Glenn McCoyThe hypersensitivity of the millennial is merely a reflection of the impotent infantile rage of a digitard. Socialized in flickering cathode tubes,  in dark basements and dorm cribs, dwebes wander through their  hypersensitized, psyche, entitled and having never sacrificed or suffered for the well-being of another, they are bereft of common concern for their fellow humans.

Welcome to the new millennia folks.


He Would Never Belong To Any Club That Would Have Him As a Member…

Towering narcissism is revealed in the first paragraph of our presidents statement in Greece’s’ “Republic Day” celebration. When he informs his host of the miracle of having such royalty as he in Greece for a visit. Vast narcissism. .A limitless vista of narcissism. Narcissimus Maximus, El Massimo  Egomaniaka, well, you know bad daddy….. Obama.