Behold a pale horse….


DON’T RUN, you’ll just die tired…



I was taken by surprise. I was concerned about the culture.  I awoke at the point of Obamas 1st campaign. It was then I was educated. I found out that while I was searching the far frontier for signs of sappers, my own crew had mutinied behind me. Somehow a large portion of the U.S. has seen the ultimate wisdom of the  money and benefits to be had from latching on to the Government teat for a good old suck. The American family is losing it’s identity as the boundries of what it means to be married changes seasonally.  The expendable male has no place at the table  in a welfare state geared toward lending assistance and benefits contingent on his absence. We have destroyed the concepts of success and failure so there is no enticement to excel nor repugnance at sloth.


 With success  a curse for the souls who trade off long hours of dedicated work for scraps thrown back after a bloated government has it’s lions share. Bureaucracy is the new aristocracy, with unlimited expense accounts, astronomical salaries and no firing, ever. Obama is clearing a patch where utopia can grow. Unfortunatly, the values that are the superstructure of our American culture, such as Independence, self reliance and industry  constitute the weeds he is pulling.

We see failure in a weak economy, Obama sees failure in that it is still alive at all.

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