NYMBY on a National Scale

My Twitter account has been suspended this morn. Don’t know why yet but I hope it will be something exciting , like my rhetoric is too strident, or that I have insulted somebodies hypersensitivity. Oh well I have only tweeted once and they are probably suspending me for some humdrum reason like that.

Now for something completely different……Have you noticed how vehement Poland is in resisting taking Muslim migrants into their country. This resistance has stirred up the western European  countries who are pressuring Poland to knuckle under to the “take a migrant home wit ya”  fad that is trending in the more trendy countries.

The Poles, unlike the snowflakes who preach diversity and tolerance of the intolerant; that play with their phones all day in the west, have been in the belly of the beast more than once and come back to recreate Poland. They are not in the mood to time-share with anybody……They are refusing to open their borders to any migrants from the middle east.

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