The Midterms

Below are a few of the 7000+ South American migrants floating toward the U.S.  Those that make it will get in. Trump’s threat to bring in the military to guard the border is a paper tiger roar. If they arrive the worst case scenario is a riot with deaths. Whether there is shooting (which would be really bad), or night sticks and tear gas it will get ugly.. In all probability they will just walk across the border and be processed and released.

A group of Central American migrants cross the Suchiate River aboard a raft made out of tractor inner tubes and wooden planks, on the the border between Guatemala and Mexico, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. After Mexican authorities slowed access through the border bridge to a crawl, hundreds of migrants are boarding the rafts or wading across the river and crossing into Mexico illegally. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

In order to gin up inspiration in their voting base Democrats will dig up the Kavanaugh lynching and initiate impeachment proceedings. Proceeding with Trumps impeachment is also on their agenda. If the Dems win control of the house you can expect:

Taxs will skyrocket and the vitality we have been celebrating will vanish.

Our hot recovery will be chilled from a four percent plus growth to the Obama level of one to two percent growth.

The incentives for keeping jobs in America will be gone and American workers will see their jobs farmed out to other countries as we struggle economically.

More people will be out of work and on the welfare roles as the Democrats keep large populations on the edge of poverty. Advancement will by punished for those who climb out of the welfare box just to avoid loss of their benefits.

Obama era regulation, if reinstated, will kill the coal industry, steel industry and domestic oil production.

If the democrats win the lions share of midterm elections, gridlock is the best we can hope for and the recovery will be stopped in it’s tracks.

Dems. (Lib. etc.), have been showing their contempt for law and peacekeepers in increasing intervals. It seems to be a badge of courage that you spit in the face of those who are doing the dirty work for you. Like this war on ICE, the most basic beam scale could tell the tale. The thinking is maladjusted 14 year old Juggalo teen. Regrettably this attitude  the (DSM refers to it as Oppositional/defiant disorder) lingers in  a large number of educators and media people and they just can’t take that final step and grow up. Grow up! Smell the coffee and understand there are some powers in the world that don’t serve your needs.

Criminal behavior will be coddled as the authority hating Dems discard ICE and refuse to prosecute classes of criminals that could serve as democratic voters.

What will the future of America look like if this far left group of neo-socialists are in charge for any length of time. Look at municipalities that have been headed by liberals for the last few decades. Take a look at Detroit, now a ghost town of empty factories and whole neighborhoods filled with derelict houses and empty businesses. The city is the bones left after political excess made it non-competitive with foreign car makers.

If you want to see law enforcement under long-term Democratic leadership take a look at Chicago, with 1700  dead bodies produced thus far this year.

Who organized and funded this caravan? take a look…….

So who set these men women and little children on the road for a walking trek of over a thousand miles? Putting whole families at risk of injury or even death from being exposed to the elements with no visible means of support. Who is feeding this mass of people on the road? It is certainly not Republicans or their like minded independents. So who would benefit from a conflict at the border, set to combust with a manufactured  photo op of a crowd of desperate people going up against American military?  Just before the mid-terms. Could it be the Dems who arranged this fiasco?

These midterms are important. If you like the way things are going. If you want the recovery to continue. You must vote. And vote conservative. Or just turn your palm to the heavens , get in line, and wait for big brother to cross you palm with a pittance for your trouble. Vote.





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