Out of the Mouths of Babes

These young scholars want to have a word with you. It is about your lack of proper humility in the presence of your betters. If you are not a muslim, you still have a place in muslim society. DOORMAT. As a Dhimmi (non-muslim) you are to pay  the jizya, a special tax for non Muslims. And as a Muslim you are instructed to go the extra mile and humiliate Dhimmis whenever possible. One little story in the Hadith describes a traveler, (a non Muslim) who asks for a place to stay overnight.  The Muslim host of this weary traveler should make the Dhimmi sleep on the floor as per his status and the Muslim obligation to treat him like shit. This is NOT Baby Jesus religion. It is a belief system that lists compasson just between compost and corn holing.

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