Pictured below are the surgical tools used to ablate the girls clitorous. The linked article refers to these blades being “brought in” from far away with personnel in tow who will do the job for a fee. A razor blade, (rusty) and a putty knife that has been sharpened a bit are all that is pictured here. And in comparison to the bent spoons and such that I have seen pictured as FGM these tools are “state of the art.” 

Where is NORMAL? In other issues related to treatment of women they get quite screechy and unpleasant to deal with. But when it comes to the abuse and dominance that prevails in Muslim cultures we hear a few tired crickets.

I could be biased though, I have five daughters and could not allow them to be so humiliated, divested of legal parity with males and  subjected to all forms of physical and mental oppression like most good Muslim girls endure. Luckily none of my girls have been so lame brained as to convert to Islam. For more on this topic just click the pick below.

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