YOU JUST SCREWED WITH THE WRONG JEW BOYSThe article that the picture above links to  mentions the murdered Israeli  teens went missing June 12th  and in the same breath it  asserts the solution to the problem.  That Hamas has been targeted, for want of a better term, for annihilation. Israel, a democracy, has many different and often conflicting ideologies that flesh out its national identity. Yet unlike the western democracies, European and American et. al.,  Israel disposes of its enemies in a single minded, and  cold-blooded dispatch that a Mafia hit man would admire.

In 1960 the Mossad found Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann hiding in Argentina. Five men appeared in Argentina. They surveyed then abducted Eichmann, took him to a hide-out, then smuggled him to Israel. After the Munich massacre the Mossad tracked down, and through various methods that included exploding telephones and other rather James Bondish methods, cancelled the ticket of those responsible for the massacre of the Israeli athletes.

The fact of the matter is that such deadly resolve came from the crucible of Holocaust.  From the desert a garden grew around and through Israel. They cultivated the desert, and they built a world-class society that engages the world community an absolute winner. Given the same ground and countless billions of dollars in aid (that their leaders stole from them) the Palestinians have built a pile of derelict buildings and rocket sites to kill school children in Tel Aviv.

When backed to a point where retreat is no longer possible, one group will crumple to the fetal position in the corner, possibly praying for a miracle. While another will fight like hell when cornered. Every living soul in that tiny strip of desert next to the sea, lives each day of their lives in a corner. Backed to the very edge of an existential abyss.

You can kill an Israeli. But you cannot dig a hole deep enough to escape their judgement. I would rather have ten FBI’s and the Mafia after me than two retired Mossad agents. Whoever did this to those young men will live to regret it.



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