Brackish Waters

I won’t stoop so low as to say that “she so uuuuugly a freight train would take a dirt road just to get out of her way!” No I won’t stoop so low.  God has a little extra grace for fools and drunks. I don’t know how she drinks so I will settle with her observable behavior. Like, she was on point when it came to rabble rousing people to assault Trumpers in restaurants and on the streets etc. Words tantamount to incitement to riot or at least incitement to assault individuals. The grace part enters into matters when one considers what a couple of statements on the internet can get you if you make terroristic threats against the head of HUD.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California questions Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on May 22, 2019.

When one weighs the two in balance with IQ the measured quantity, the BRAIN SURGEON,  a gentleman of soft-spoken eloquence and immaculate manners, is a good bet for all-around better human being. 

Rough Waters

Could it be fear? Why would Maxine Waters not want the American people to hear President Trump? She is such an……well she is an idiot. She appears to function , motivated by the most primitive urges. It also seams that she is given a pass for what she says and does. Like her incitement to violence against Trump supporters a few months ago. Incitement to do violence? NO consequences? And why can’t I find a good picture of her when her mouth is not opened WIDE!.

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Don’t Worry, Maxine is on the Ramparts!

Yes little Mary, there is a right and left in European politics, just like in America.  Matteo Salvini, interior minister of Italy from the right side of the isle foresees a drastic change in Italian politics should the socialist left gain control over Italian politics. The fears are the same as here. The inception of a large group of dependent individuals, forming their own ghettos (no-go zones) where the influence is so hostile that local constabulary are reluctant to stick their heads into a hornets nest where beliefs and behaviors hostile to  contemporary values hold sway over the laws of the land.

After having dragged their pitiful asses out of some leaky milk carton bobbing about the Mediterranean.

Such could be your fate in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, etc. At least until a picture of Bassa al Assad shows up on a milk carton. Only a nuclear holocaust could destroy a culture more completely than having Islam move in. To put it bluntly, you cannot live successfully  when your plan for living is fourteen hundred years in arrears.

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Sharia based legal codes. You know, court cases that end in some form of dismemberment, right hand steals the apple, right hand is chopped off etc. etc.. Imagine a society where honor  killings and stoning were commonplace.  Of course Maxine Waters, (pictured below), would not be allowed to spray vitriol around with impunity in the Islamic culture just because she is a woman. That is one good thing. ……I guess.  (humor)   Just the billboard would be enough to scare most migrants back onto the boat!



Chicken Little Gets a Gun

They used to call such caterwauling “incitement to riot”. Such conflagatory rhetoric can and eventually will end up in violence, possibly death. Why no outrage?

The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, is pictured. I AP Photo

Such is the “Red Hen Restaurant” Mrs. Sanders Trumps press secretary was ejected from rather rudely