The Day the Scientific Method Rode a Unicorn

The conquistadores invaded Mayan country and after wantonly killing as many of the  natives, they deliberately handed out Smallpox laden blankets to finish off the south American population through disease.. The  dirty Europeans (Mayan were squeaky clean) were the obvious villains in this story. OF course they spread these germ laden blankets a few hundred years before the discovery of germ theory. In one text brought home by my daughter all the above info was presented as ‘education’ for the children. The fact that the sacrifice of thousands of innocents by having their heart, still beating. cut and torn from their breast, was not even hinted at in the text.   Bad, dirty, violent Europeans, nice clean peaceful Mayans, Is the lasting impression of the lesson. Even though  estimations of the Mayan body count ranged up to over 200 thousand human sacrifices a year.


Hard Working Latinos

Below is a Venzualan protester….She had her mouth tape shut so that she wouldn’t blurt out the truth to the Democrats smuggeling them across the border.  These people are running from income redistribution, a large government that takes most of your paycheck to use as it sees fit. Medicine through one payer  takes months to get an appointment. The Open border Democrats were relying on a large group of dependent people to vote Democrat. The migrants, however, have experienced socialism and want no more of it. They are smarter than the Demos want them to be!

I have worked and lived with Latinos. They aren’t stupid. They are as likely to end up Republicans as Democrats. Someday, the message to the Demos will be “Be careful what you pray for.”


Calling for an Anti-Trump?

The gentleman pictured below has some advice on how to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. It is an interesting little article that speaks to the desperation of the left when they find that you can’t turn back time and change the results of the last  presidential election. Of course none of this would be an issue nearly two years after the election…… if the lunalibs had put down their bongs long enough to vote.

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aRE YOU kidding?

The press nailed the first lady on her choice of pith helmut on one of her excursions in Africa. They said it was too “colonial”. THen they begin to conjecture on her relationship with her huspand the POTUS.

US First Lady Melania Trump is denying claims of strains in her marriage with President Donald Trump


The first lady quells the rumors by a very good non-denial denial.

She is eastern European and in the sense that she was reared in a culture where a little mistress on the side was the privilege of great men. The trade-off is that she is first lady and they are not. Its a European thing you bunch of yokels in the mainstream media don’t get!

Where are The Fathers?

SInce LBJ’s “Great Society was launched, back in the ’60s the dynamics installed have precipitated the destruction of the black nuclear family. Fathers left and male children were stuck with naught but gangs to model male behavior and a mother stuck on welfare below the level of poverty. As a therapist I am aware of the natural conditioning that goes on in intact families. The values of the father are transmitted to the sons through introjection. If a the father is hard-working and responsible, patient and humble. These as well as any value possessed by the parents will become a part of the sons personality, deeply ingrained and solidly set. Restraint, honesty, and abiding by the law are values that could be transmitted if the father is in the home. As it stands I have seen several generations of young black men, often pampered by their female parent, who become spoiled, angry and demanding, who end up either in prison or dead. Of course these conditions don’t apply to every broken family. Often a strong mother can raise fine young men who obey laws work for a living and honor commitments. But, as it stands, there are enough “king babies” on the streets  raised to ruin from fractured families to keep Chicago in funerals for the next millennium.

There are many young black men who are looking for a father figure. As an older male I have experienced this a couple of times, when my daughters African- American boyfriends, fathers absent from there lives for one reason or another, would start calling me Pa-Pah!….. and admitting that I served to fill the space their absent fathers left empty..



She’s Gay and Men are OK!

I came of age in the time of Donahue, a very influential talk jock that specialized in inviting  guests who despised males and had ax’s galore to grind. My parents didn’t seem to mind my reading Ruebans, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask” at the tender age of 11 or twelve.  Matters of intimacy were never directly made a point of, but they were not looked upon with horror when they cropped up. With this in mind I saw the constant drubbing my gender received by Mr. Donahue, (or Alan Alda for that matter.) as totally false. At the time I saw pandering to the grudges of man-hating women as a pansies buy-in to hangin’ with and getting strokes from females. It has been a struggle with such beauties as Andrea Dworkin out there trying to convince everyone that every act of sex between males and females was a form of rape. To be sure there are sins against the feminine gender, but men are not as horrible as described by the Code Pink types.

I am interested by Camille Paglia though. She has popped every now and then for the past 25 years. She sees the damage done by the neopuritanical feminism and the fact that we have several generations who have been coddled through lives where there is no threat to their world, no famine, no great war to educate them to the true value of things. So they become shallow and fragile, wincing at every ill wind or rough word that wafts by.  Be advised,  Camille is a bit manic and hard to follow.

Hail Britannia !

I am an Anglophile. It is a natural allegiance in that our founding fathers sometime had to shoot both ways because many colonials were still loyal to the crown during the Revolutionary war.. It was a conflagration that pleased some Americans and infuriated others. We had to have it out before the prodigal colonies could win their independence from home. Such was the crucible and cross fire we were born from.. After invading us and burning down our capital a few years later we got along famously. A few score later we tried to tear ourselves apart in a great civil war, in which 600 thousand fell to weld a new Union with a new covenant together. So I keep an east to see how things have gone over the puddle in England. We share a history and to a great extent, a shared temperament.

“London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together”: 423 mosques, 100 Sharia courts


A Wall or Caretaking Co-Dependency

There is a little ‘caretaker’ in everybody. When we see someone in trouble we have the natural instinct to help. It is when this instinct grows unmanageable that caretaking can become a pathology that doesn’t help the needy and serves to hurt the caretaker. Caretaking is good when the caretaker knows when to stop caretaking and allow the needy to struggle on their own to develop the skills and strength to help themselves. Caretaking is bad when you carry the baby until the baby never learns to walk on its own. Caretaking is bad when it serves to be the only way the caretaker can establish a sense of worth. Then it is the needy working the needy to no good end for either. Very often the caretaker will give away all they have to give and end up crippled in their own life. Sometimes they caretake to the point they are enabling the needy to continue living a dysfunctional lifestyle. Sometimes the enabler compulsively sacrifices so much that they end up angry at the needy but unable to stop enabling them. They begin to see the needy as a burden they can’t put down.

Immigrant Birth Certificates

The Master Bedroom is a KEEP!

There are a lot of rich folk in the Hamptons who are girding their loins and adding  heavily armored “panic rooms”  to guard against a  unwelcome welcome-wagons from MS13, the ultra-violent gang that is finding footholds in the Metros. of America. What could be the cause of this new plague of criminality?  Of course the ever-increasing number of shadow-people (undocumented aliens) crossing the border, fading into the general population and lounging comfortably in the arms of self-designated sanctuary cities may be a factor. Growing enclaves of illegals are providing  nests for following waves of illegals.  The longer the border remains porous, the easier it becomes for each successive wave that crosses into American territory. MS13 advertises it’s extreme violence by asserting they use knives to kill their victims because guns are too quick and painless. But when referred to as “animals” by president Trump, the Democratic leadership responded, through the sage words of Nancy Pelosi, “MS13 are people too!”  Of course Ms. Pelosi probably has her order in for a nice new panic room of her very own.


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BELOW IS THE LEAD PHOTO RELEASED BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS illustrating the activity around the capital on the morning of the vote to either confirm or reject  Brett Kavanagh as a Judge on the highest court of the land.  I know I am supposed to believe that there is no bias in the mainstream media, but when you lead the article with a huge sign that says “Kavanagh Liar” one gets the message…. And we ain’t talkin’ “Dog Whistle” here….. nothing unclear as to the left leanings of the Associated Press. Drudge didn’t help matters much, generously gifting,  with, the charming , albeit chubby bathroom wisdom…………. “The rage of the left!” with ” WALL URINAL”  Amy Schumer, raising a fist of defiance at the camera.  Imparting open and riotous rage Overall, the short article describes the mornings activities with no blathering histrionics and an interesting description of each sides attitudes and activities.