Time to Man the Parapets

They are not welcome. Mostly, men looking strong and healthy are planning on pushing their way into the country. America, quibbling over what to do with the border is seen as  silly and of no consequence. They have dreams of just brushing the border agents aside and going about their business taking their pleasure with our girlfriends!








Apart from our miserable love lives being put in jeopardy, there is the fact that they have made themselves residents of the US against our will! In affect they have become home invaders who will throw a pallet down on our living room floor and then sit there staring up and shaking a Guatemalan flag while they have their way with the contents of our refrigerator.THIS IS THE MAP THAT WOULD REMAIN SHOULD WE DISSOLVE THE BORDER….IN A FEW DECADES, SHOULD THE POWERS THAT BE DANE IT NECESSARY,, KIDS CAN LEARN ABOUT A MAGICAL PLACE CALLED  THE “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. IN SCHOOL BOOKS.

After the last companies leave north America for the cheaper wages in China and New Delhi as well as countless other points on the compass, we can feed our huge population of unskilled labor just a little bit less.  It may be difficult because the socialist redistribution of capital will have either run the moneymakers away or prevented them from working hard enough to accrue any money. The ranks of the rich will naturally thin out through attrition.


As Margaret Thatcher said. “Socialism is great until you start running out of other peoples money”


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