Lara Logan has a lot of street creds. Which she earned by multiple long term engagements in Afghanistan and other rather hairy places. Then why is she talking about losing her career as a journalist?  the #Me Too’s aren’t tracking her and the pink purloiners must have a headache. But she does find herself on the wrong end of the converstation about bias in the media. Like a bear trying to hide behind a twig, the mainstream news outlets don’t want to hear it and refuse to admit it true that the news establishment wants to deny it as false……or else. MSM is biased in favor of the left!




It looks like the mainstream media is biased to favor the progressives. It sounds like it is biased, and it FEELS biased. So it is refreshing to see one of the culprits admit to culpability in fixing the match. But in the old days a reporter who admitted fixing a story to take a biased stance were run out of town on a rail.

Like the tip of the iceberg, she is only the visible part of a vast mass of bias in the media.

Katie CouricIn a land where the majority of our children are taught by teachers leashed to the Teachers Union. Where over 80% of the academics in American Universities are liberal. And 90 yes 90% of reporters are progressive. It’s like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.

Journalism and MSNBC the twain meet for a moment of clairity …


Its’ kinda like you uncovered a copy of fortune 500 in Lenins Grave. Scarborough pressed Brzezinski on the Christie/Obama media double standard. MSNBC usually remains well, well beyond the pale in pushing a Marxist cafeteria plan of bizarre Government/private industry sodomy that disturbs even the most mind-numbed moderate out there.