The article attached to this pic has one defect of focus. Obama is not just the worst president in U.S. history, he is our greatest enemy. As our military strips museum exhibits for parts while functioning on a budget reduction of 29% the middle east combusts, (and the fire is spreading west). He pontificates over the sheer meanness of having solid borders while carrying water for his buddies the Cubans by eliminating the wet foot-dry foot loophole for Cuban refugees who had the gumption to make the 90 mile swim to our shores. Israel is backstabbed through the U.N. (Obama operatives machinated the betrayal) while handing Israels wailing wall to the Muslims.

THINGS ARE CHANGING NOW…….When did the Arab spring happen? It happened when Obama backed the grand poo-bah of terrorist groups, the “Muslim Brotherhood” in a take-over of Egypt. The brotherhood has been in a death match with Egyptian moderates since the 1930’s. Admittedly Egypt is still Muslim and Christians are still being persecuted. But Egypt, on the world stage for a few thousand years, does not want the clock turned back 1400 years.  Things are changing now and I feel less like a stranger in a strange (I mean really strange) land.

Last Friday our stalwart Sec. of State mumbled something about sending money to the Palistinians. as he left his office for the last time……Of course this little contribution was without the knowledge of congress and follows his screwing of Israel by just a couple of weeks.


Obama Backed a Badie….


Egypt sentenced Mohamed Badie leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to  a life sentence. How many remember that our president backed the Muslim Brotherhood in the “Arab Spring”.  Badie was causing a ruckus for the Egyptian army. Egypt has been fighting the  malicious parasite (Muz Brohood) since the late ’30s of the previous century. It warms the heart to see Egypt reject the kind of fundamentalist devolution of the historically cosmopolitan “Land of the Pharos”.  No one fathom the darker recess of the Obamas heart. We do not, and cannot know his motivations for sure. What does he have to say about the revealed Brotherhoods ties with terror? Does he process such thoughts at all? It was an allegiance between a liberal democracy and a death cult against a country, (Egypt) about 7000 years through history back…. 






These are in Russia. Egypt got the same thing when she pissed off the Jews before!