I remember how I felt when Reagan ran for president. I was appalled, disconcerted, shocked and shamed! You can’t let a third rate actor be president! Now Trump…..”You cant let that crude ass be president! What will the world think about us with the headliner for “Bedtime for Bonzo as our leader? His co-star, (a chimp) was a better actor!  His affect in foreign relations has already been felt according to the anti-Christ, Brokeback Obama. This proclamation of the worlds “ratteled” reaction to Trumps nomination is similar to Reagans affect.

Back in ’78-’79 the Iranians held a bunch Americans hostage for a little over 440 days. Ayatollah Khomeini, outlawed and living in exile in France led a coup that ousted the American puppet, the Shaw of Iran. In an announcement of Irans newly aquird religious revival, the little country took hostages and stuck the naughty finger in our face.

What was the reaction when Reagan came into office?   The Ayatollah released the hostages the day after Reagans inauguration!


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