Hillary, Champion of Women


The third world used to be a distant place. Before the blither-net    and   the disturbing    growth of the progressive movement, terrible things happened, but , of course they were over there (wherever “there” was) and we are over here. We wanted cheap oil and got it.  But now the world is smaller, Saudi funding of terrorist groups (including ISIS) and the dissemination of jihadi fundamentalism throughout the world threatens to disturb the peace here.  The NIMBY (Not I My Backyard)  is now in effect. From the greedy little morass of the middle east our fearless Hillary has extracted millions of dollars for whatever play for play influence she could   monger. Hillary, the great white hope for women,  took money from  the Saudis’    while serving as our secretary of state!    From a land where women are not allowed to drive, women can be killed at their spouses   discretion, for real or imagined infractions, or be put  to the lash and prison for  the sin of being raped….ad infinitum! And to prove a rape the female has to provide four male witnesses who actually saw  it happen. Throughout  the  middle east female genital mutilation is  a rite of passage into womanhood!   Just to name a few cherished traditions.


What? Is this a Panamanian Soccer Game?

I am a guy who acts smart. But I cannot tell you the rip tide that subsumes such mindless and self destructive actions.

I can understand it when there is a fire or some other eminent  threat. But the precipitating factor in this instance is a road blocked.

The incident took place when two crowds converged at an intersection where one of the thoroughfares had been blocked for official use. My question is this why hasn’t anything like this happened here? Not once in the history of the U.S. has their been a stampede like this .

 It is telling that it was during the “stoning of Satan” activity which involves symbolic violence toward Satan (throwing rocks at a pillar.)

The Saudi’s are full of Poopy-Kaka?

Bill Maher says we (the civilized world) should quit respecting Saudi bullshit. Usually I find little to agree with in Mr Maher’s  statements. But on this occasion  I agree. I agree with the first ladies refusal to wear any head cover during their recent photo-op with the Saudi family. The Saudi refusal to shake the first ladies hand would be seen as a terrible statement of disrespect in any other venue in the world. But it seems that the Muslim sensitivities hold sway over all other considerations. Other guests on this vid do say a  few things that could be construed as appeasement of the Saudi’s, but just avert you eyes and ears at the delicate moments if you please.