Walk Away

Brandon Straka has been quite vocal about his personal revelation concerning his drastic change of heart and the strange transmutation of the so called Democratic party and Liberalism in America. In writing the preface I considered two things, 1. Is this vid so strident in it’s condemnation of the direction the Dems have taken in recent decades. 2. Is Mr. Straka’s delivery too “in your face.” Will he be considered part of the privileged white male cabal that is threatening to pee in everyone’s Cheerios?

1: My conviction to illuminate current trends is more of a burden than benefit. I could just “go with the flow,” and cull favor with the left, or press the issue with the perspective that you can only gain by living a long time and seeing history happen.

2: Mr. Straka is gay so his credibility is beyond reproach. If he were a white male heterosexual I would be in real trouble.



It was rather pleasant. Deb and I sat down and filled  out our ballots together . They had been sent to us from the sate of Colorado. Then when finished they were taken to the appropriate place and deposited for counting.

When he announced he was running I laughed. As he fought his way through the other 15 candidates through debate and public insults I swore I would never vote for such a crude bore as this dork! Then I had no choice because he won the primaries and I certainly wasn’t going to vote for Clinton or Sanders!  So I voted for Trump…..with a cringe!

Then He moved our embassy to Jeruselum and I looked harder at this clown. Such a move showed political will and courage deeper than I had seen in my lifetime.  Then I saw him at a table of NATO huckymuks ripping them a new one over their failure to pony up their share of NATO’s budget.. He held back nothing, it was ugly, I was just watching and squirming as he ripped NATO members one after the other.  Then I smiled. I realized the buffoon I had voted for was taking care of business! He was not there to schmooze or rub elbows with the great and not so great. He was there to take care of America.

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This woman has just voted for the first time. She had to brave bullets, bombs and knives to exercise her right to vote. She knows how important a single vote is.



Trumps list of “promises kept” has grown. Against a tsunami of bad press, (at present press coverage is 90%+ negative), Trump has evened the playing field in international trade. In particular, he has broken the death grip China has on the American economy. He has hobbled the Iranian “death to America and Israel” regime and is at present he is applying even more sanctions to gain more leverage. Iran is trying to build nuclear bombs. He has confronted North Korea and is working to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.  Strength is important.  Trump is the bully-boy we need in a dangerous world.

He won’t “lead from behind” or draw meaningless “lines in the sand”  that he has no intent on defending, as predecessor Obama did.  The steel jobs, and manufacturing jobs that Obama said “were gone and won’t come back” are coming back under a Trump administration.  When Obama said that the steel jobs would never come back with sarcastic satisfaction, I grieved. I have long known our steel industry was on it’s heels….. On it’s last legs in a country that fought on two fronts, supplied all our allies arms and equipment, and won World War II..

Well,our steel factories are coming back. Coal, (which Obama said he would ruin) is coming home in a historically robust economy. An economy studded with record-breaking stats for employment for about every category. Highest employment for blacks EVER, best for women for several decades, best of Asian, Hispanic and virtually every American group they have been taking records for. Record employment that Trump built out of the multi-trillion dollar ruin of the Obama era.

The Democrats want an open border. They believe poor south American refugees will provide a convenient voting base.  Under Democratic stewardship taxes will go up and the economy will go down as their dream of a socialist America blossoms in all its mediocrity.  The Dems want a large part of the population on the edge of abject poverty. A food stamp economy keeps their voting base dependent on government hand-outs,…… which keeps the left in power.  Margaret Thatcher said this of socialism, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money”.

I do not entertain the notion that I can change the vote of those who have made up their minds. I just hope I can illuminate how important this midterm is, and possibly motivate those who are on the fence or thinking of just sitting this one out to go and vote republican. The stakes are high. The future of America is on the line.  Please go vote.


Pop! Goes the Weasel !



I like Seals music. He has a voice like an angel and a presence that fills the stage completely. I am less sold on Oprah. Now that I have been made  more aware of her knowledge of Weinstein’s palavering with young , old, and all that lies between. I am peeved.

Chummy: Oprah and Harvey Weinstein at the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards at Barker Hangar on January, 2014 in Santa Monica, CaliforniaOprah has always represented the “In” crowed that excluded me and those of my ilk, (my ilk was poverty, and the wrong side of the tracks). The hubris and hypocrisy of the limousine-libs that always take the  posture that will serve there need for approval while condescending all to others to oblivion.it is the amazing capacity of the human to remain safely ensconced in his own shell while others are suffering all around. While Oprah is trading face paint with Weinstein in the above pik, thousands of the a third world, (woman’s 3rd world), traded as cattle, raped at will, sold and physically muillated in the most intimate way. In the most brutal manner imaginable; wait for sensitivity to turn into courage. They wait to be rescued.


 I have five daughter’s now, and much grey hair peppered in my old brown locks. I fear for their wellbeing. Not the color of dress the celebs choose to wear to the Grammys  because of Weinstiens wanger wranglin’. 

Every bodies going to wear a black dress. Everybodies going to write a confessional, everyone will feel exonerated. If I am lucky my wandering child will have a safe place to lay her head. I miss her so. So the limo libs drive by in silent cars, we see bits of their faces in the tinted windows, and they will look valiantly forward as they feel so much the hero for having cut a donation check or delivered a lecture  for an overinflated fee.

What is a micro-aggression?

But distance, to a limo-libber is the saving grace.  Yes it’s true that whenever one of the rich and famous gets an urge to eat Chinese they can just jump of one of their planes and pop over to Hong Kong for a bite. If they want some real privacy they just buy an island.

But what will mute the caterwauling about the fate of the lefts genitalia? What will happen to their ever important quest for marriage between entities naturaly ill-matched for mating! (You know, marriage between a human and a house plant. Will the screams of thousands of children and young teens experiencing genital mutilation  be heard over the whining for the 15  dollar minimum wage to flip burgers?

In the real world the taste of reality is in the air. Cancer has visited this house. Another child, 25 years old has come up missing and I am on oxygen.

By the way, does “fuck off!” fit the mold for micro aggression?


Some good will be done. Some waste will happen,….. but the perversities of the “privileged few” will go on. HO HUM………………..bug?



Journalism and MSNBC the twain meet for a moment of clairity …


Its’ kinda like you uncovered a copy of fortune 500 in Lenins Grave. Scarborough pressed Brzezinski on the Christie/Obama media double standard. MSNBC usually remains well, well beyond the pale in pushing a Marxist cafeteria plan of bizarre Government/private industry sodomy that disturbs even the most mind-numbed moderate out there.