The Mosques are Closed in Utrecht

Three dead and many injured in terror shooting in Utrecht, Denmark yesterday. The terror watch number has been elevated to “5”, the maximum level of readiness for  the Danish community following a shooting on a tram and a shooter on the lam.

A Melancholy Dane


A small miracle happened yesterday. A head of state tells the truth. And with any luck there will be others who will see the strength in her words and respond in kind. Queen Maragrethe II  of Denmark stated some obvious facts about the wests relationship with Islam and the anti-Semites that are surfacing in increasing numbers in Europe.. 

Denmark Queen

Queen Margarethe of Denmark.. Pissed about anti-Semitism.

Denmark will not tolerate Jew hating and bating. Words that it would be best to heed and emulate. And for the cherry on the banana split of truth she is serving, “Islam must have opposition!”



Rubbing Salt in the Wound



In my clinical career I have counseled many couples in jeopardy. TIme and again I have seen battered spouses find the strength to leave, only to return. As a therapist I can safely say such behavior makes me crazy. But insult is heaped upon injury and the spouse accepts all manner insult. So hundreds fill Copenhagen streets in support of a terrorist. Insult to injury. But of all the people in the world, it is the abused spouse who can endure such insults. They become numb.  Can Denmark still feel? Or has the shell-shocked  numbness of an abused spouse taken over?What gives the crowd the courage to so disrespect their host country. They know the ..”stupid bitch is gonna take it….. And like it.”