Counting Unicorns

Bit of a fairytale world we cling to in OAC land. Our favorite fairy, Ocasio Cortez says don’t feel bad about handouts from the government. We made those entitlements!  The little article this pik connects to will further your confusion farther. Perhaps her narcissism has painted a picture of an adoring subclass who have been duped until she came along and saved them from their ignorance.

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Hello world! When I have problems sleeping I don’t count sheep, I count Unicorns!

AS Soon as the UN Pays it’s Rent We will let Them Help Us.

MS. ILHAN OMAR forgets the country she is living in. In calling for UN possession of our southern border, she eliminates American soverienty in one bold, (somewhat spastic) move.  She reveals her third world mind-set in her 911 call for big daddy UN to save us. An American reaction to such a call would be, “Huh?”

WE are the standard for the world to follow. We don’t beg assistance in maintaining our borders from anybody.


It Doesn’t Matter……..

There is a dog fight in the works over at the Democrat Plantation, between four upstarts and the old-guard. One wants to salvage a party, and the other is positioned to either take charge  or be drawn and quartered for mutiny among the ranks of Plebes and veteran politicos shuffling dutifully left at the behest of the “90 day wonder”  Alexandra Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A firebrand freshman congresswoman and Self-defined Democratic Socialist? She is shaking the old bears cage with interesting results.

There's a civil war brewing within the Democratic Party, and it pits Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, left, and her progressive cronies, against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right, and the establishment.

When the tissues of the body go astray and grow beyond their intended dimensions, it’s cancer. Cancer is the body becoming its own enemy. In a similar way such a malignancy is fowling the body politic of the democratic party as party leader Pelosi is trying to hobble the newbies before they endanger the standing of the party as 2020 elections appear on the horizon.

But…….It doesn’t matter. Pelosi is on the wrong battleground, and AOC just wants her to sit down and stay out of her way. Cortez is not fighting to benefit the Democratic party she as found it. She is the ice man and she brings the chill of changing times. AOC needed the political machine of the Democratic party to position herself for delivery of HER agenda. Dreams of Pelosis absence and the  power vacuum that absence would cause dance in AOCs mind. The socialist/communist system Cortez  promotes cannot happen without the destruction of the fundamental framework of American capitalism. And as cynical as it sounds, it  is true that Americas engine runs on capitalism. It runs on capitalism or not at all.


Cute and Perky AOC –

Isn’t she just adorable?

I will be streaming me scratching my butt while walking into the Department of Motor Vehicles, later today.

Now that you have been blessed with a glimpse into the life of  “THE ONE AND ONLY”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you can carry on another day. 

NARCISSISM,…..VAST…..LIMITLESS,….before the big bang, and into the mysteries beyond the vanishing point, we witness AOCs’ ego in a quantum entanglement with itself.