JON Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

The pic  below refers to a statement by  President Lyndon Johnson back in the 1960’s. It’s.ubiquitous in political circles but no one can prove it is authenticity. It describes the welfare state created through Johnson’s  “Great Society”  program, which paid women with dependant children monthly stipends per child if no male was in the house to offer financial assistance. This had the affect of running males from the home. Cash and other benefits had the affect of making the governmant the spouse of the house. There are a few other factors but this quote follows on the heels of the civil rights movement and is a good prologue for a discussion of the deterioration of the traditional family and culture of America.

The feminization of the cullture. The hard left turn of public school instructers and the dominance of the main stream media by progressives have come to create a perfect storm for the dismantling of the America I was born to.

.America is a business and. socialism is an unsustainable drain on the free-market economy.  the pik below sums up the problem of socialism in a nutshell…… and to sum it up ………THE UPCOMING ELECTION MUST BE WON BY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP……..IF HE IS DEFEATED……THE DREAM  OF AMERICA, THE COUNTRY I LOVE……… WILL DIE…….


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