If I ever have a dull moment and need a good laugh I just throw in a video of college students being interviewed and pressed on anything that requires that they know something. Of course their parents and instructors should be fired. They allowed their children to come to adulthood knowing nothing abut the real world.

In a little trip back to a few months ago, we hear some other recipients of HIGHER education and their opinion on Trumps pick for supreme court. This is BEFORE he made the decision


There is a place where young people go when they can’t think of what to do after high school that justifies doing nothing rather than getting a job while still feeling just a lttle superior to others. COLLEGE!! That’s right, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with Einstein and Freud and do nothing that requires knowledge, writing cursive or making an effort.       COLLEGE!!!  The blue meanie below points to an article about unvarnished hatred and grandiosity supported by the self deception being doled out whole sale in our so called institutes of higher learning.