The Crucible





Breaking ceasefire, Hamas abducts soldier, kills two others                                THE CRUCIBLE


UK Muslima: “Sisters, if you love your sons, husbands and brothers, prove it by sending them to fight for Allah”THE WOMB OF BEELZEBUB


Hamas was voted into power by the Palestinians, the very people being instructed to “bare their chests to the Israeli fire.” Hamas charter defines their goal as the annihilation of Israel. Now an Israeli soldier has been abducted, which gins up the stakes exponentially for the Israeli’s. Hymie don’t play this, you don’t kidnap an Israeli  soldier.   The launch tube snipe hunt will  be replaced with the finding and killing Hamas leadership under full occupation, troops, tanks, the whole schlemiel  “pardon my Yiddish.” Escalation wet dream of Hamas. Hey why not, it’s the women and children, not Hamas leadership, who takes the heat!

A death-cult against the world. The multigenerational depth of the Cult, unless it is somehow catastrophically destroyed en masse’, ensures fresh jihadi to offset attrition in the ranks. While our children sleep with sugar-plum fairies dancing in their dreams, little Ibrahim is trained in beheading,  Even the Japanese weren’t as crazed to die as the Muslims.

When one speaks to the host of Beelzebub he is beguiled by the formless whisper of a throbbing cloud of flies. The devil is a deceiver, and he will use our love of life as a weakness against us. Heed not the overtures of truce. These are just strategic breaks for Hamas as well as windows to redeploy and resupply.  ‘Strategic‘ cease fires.


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