Hissing lisps are now illegal….cuz I said so!


Truth is truth. Truth is truth when whispered through the concertina wire at the edge of a gulag in Siberia. Truth is truth if shouted from a grass hut in Fiji. Through the ages our character as sentient beings has been handed from one generation to the next. Only because the ideas, thoughts and values remain unchanged  through the ages.

Our Government is suing companies for requiring employees to know the English language. Big  Bro is watching and listening. Big Bro says you cannot handle the freedom to make business decisions for your own company.  This freedom is now a crime. The  freedom to make  independent decisions has been recinded.

If Eric Holder ( “Holder down while I finish Barack!”) is allowed reset the gauges on the truth-o-meter, he is establishing precedent.  Would the present administration enjoy flying airlines with air traffic controllers who couldn’t speak English?  And if it is established that you cannot be compelled to know information that will enable you to do the job, then it is discrimination if you expect the surgeon to know the difference between a heart and an appendix.

Wait, wait, this is getting too murky.  I cannot make out what the issue is. Hmmmmmm, (thoughtful look up and to the left). Oh yes, it is hard to get a handle on this issue because……THERE IS NO ISSUE!

I guess the immutable truth is…Never let a progressive (gutless wonder) see how the sausages are made. If he doesn’t like what he sees he will make it a crime to make sausage. Truth is truth and it stands like a rock, unchanged against the travail of ages. And it (truth) is truth only when it’s  fragile,  so fragile a child’s breath could destroy it. All at the same moment.




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