Eric holder thinks Fox News gins-up mass contagion over terrorist events. He takes the “Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”  tact in response to public concern. His goal in this particular interview is to reduce the public’s awareness of the truly heinous organization, ISIS (ISIL etc.) . Eric Holder  wants us to calm our fears, and keep the strident opinions to ourselves.

Eric went histrionic over the Ferguson hoax. He dropped the affairs of a nation, left his office, and headed to Ferguson in order to tie the noose. A grand jury already was in process adjudicating the incident. It was covered. But Holder’s blood lust drove him insert himself, so he appears in Ferguson.

Eric Holder went ballistic over the Zimmerman shooting  and dropped the nation’s business so he could fan the flames of that lynch mob  Neither of these incidents gave any indication that hate laws had been broken, but hoping to find a way to string Zimmerman up,  Holder pressed on and even went public. soon we had three part harmony from Obama, Holder, and Sharpton as they went public with their paranoid delusions of a new millennia Jim Crow creeping across the land. 

An Obama operative has recently bragged that the Obama Whitehouse has been miraculously scandal free the last six years. Ask any conservative and he will offer a long list beginning with Benghazi, the IRS harassing conservative organizations, the gun walking incident etc. ad infinitum. It is discouraging. Even though we share a world, we all live in separate realities.





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