Tough Love/True Love

More than one generation has been raised to believe that being a couch potato is a valid career option.

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Below  is pictured the effect of foot-binding on the body. Small feet  were coveted in ancient China. Royal consorts were not allowed to walk, but had to be carried everywhere by slaves.

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A foot that has been “bound”

They never walked. and in a vain an attempt to influence nature, they were crippled.

They estimate an infant learning to walk has average of 300 falls before they can toddle. If you save your child from the possible falls in learning to walk, they may never learn. THUS, in taking the hits in learning to walk, basic babies have their first lessons in patience, courage, tenacity, and achievement. The same unpleasant truth applies to punishment and discipline. Limits must be learned. Because consequences will be learned.

If you expect to be your child’s best friend and forever be liked, you are failing at being a parent. You have become the first and most potent bad influence on your child. Your children will learn to depend on others for their food, shelter, entertainment etc. ad- nausea. You will have raised a child who will physically mature, but never grow up , never have the self-discipline to succseed and never be anything more than an petulant child, wondering why he is such a failure and hating life a lot. The ” ‘Bama-phone” only goes so far.

The spoiling parent is training the next generation and teaching him to seek dependence on others rather than develop life skills that could help them be all they can be. Please don’t trade popularity with your children for their best chance at a full life.You are responsible. You are responsible for your children’s learning life’s lessons and the possibility of a happy productive life. You are also responsible to every poor soul who will have to shoulder your child’s burden when they decide They don’t want to carry their share any more.


Of course, if your children learn only that they have “cool” parents, the only other thing they will learn is what the world looks like from a couch. Such are the homemade bums and spoiled miscreants who, in their narcissistic rage are the shooters spoiling to avenge hurt feelings and become a celebrity.