What Happens Next

The nasty little bully pictured below has gone so far as to suggest our natural sexual identities are our natural sexual identities. “The nerve!” There seems to be a world “in here” within which I can snuggle and hide from the harsh, hurtful world, “out there.” In my limitless ignorance I still believe those who possess a penis and testicles are male, and those persons sporting a vagina and womb are female. It goes like this, if I really want to be a bird. I want to be a bird so much that I believe there has been some mistake and that my assignment on earth has been flummoxed and I have been attributed  the wrong species. Now I can be certain that I am dead right and that what I see in the mirror is just a hallucination born of a serious case of body image distortion. I believe this as I stand with my toes hanging ten off a hundred foot cliff. I step from my perch.                                            What happens next?               for more KLIKDAPIK

Candace Owens testifies during a House Judiciary Committee hearing discussing hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism on Capitol Hill on April 9, 2019, in Washington, D.C.



As basic, foundational values of  America deteriorate,  the self concept of her citizen’s begins to become distorted. Not knowing exactly what you are describing when you say “I’m and American”.  like looking at your image in a carnival mirror,the toxic personality will always see a vision of a distorted self. So it is with a culture that has lost sight of it’s basic values. BELOW, should you choose to venture a look, is an old trailer from a film by Fredrico Fellini, “Satyricon” which shows the distortion of the self image that happens in the decline of a cultureless culture.

Such is the distortion of the human image in pre-war Germany as this still from the movie “Cabaret” illustrates Germanys reaction to a dismal economy and multitude of political opposites all vying for power. A single clear image of what it is to be a good citizen are lost in a world of mercurial reality, where right and wrong are ill-defined. See the source image

And so it goes……not certain of their identity, angry because they look down upon themselves for achieving nothing are compelled to present a twisted façade and demand you accept and validate them.   

See the source imageSexual activities I can neither show or describe here, happen at will at LGBT pride parades as participants pitiably mimic their inner self concept  externally. Such it is with the dis-integration of a culture. When nothing is wrong…then nothing is right.