Salmunde Rushide is still “on the Lamb” from the fatwa issued against him by some Imam somewhere. He is guilty of speaking the truth concerning some phrases in the Koran that imply Mohammed believed in Gods other than Allah. The traditional Band-Aid applied to this indiscretion asserts that Satan had Big Mo’ in his grips when the prophet referred to a “moon God” that floated around the mythology of the age.

It appears that Mohammed had less luck in rebuffing Satan’s entreaties than did our boy Jesus. So word has it, that 20/20 hindsight sees a prophet temporarily possessed by demons. WHOOPS!

So Rushdie is still in parts unknown,  an entire religion  set to kill him on sight!  The list of “free speakers” who are dead by Muslim hands or still looking over their shoulder is growing.  Like the Charrlie Hebdo killings, or the very public sidewalk slaying  of film maker Theo Van Gogh,  the response of Islam is not a scathing article in the Times… is murder.

So the west appeases, abandons its basic beliefs in freedom of speech and expression, and in some cases the very law of the land is thrown out to serve the troubled needs of this angry religion. We accommodate and Islam demands more. The relationship between the bully and the bullied obvious. As a therapist I have confronted the abused and abuser many times. In virtually every case the abuser is the cannibal and the partner is lunch, spooning out servings of their soul in vain attempts to please. One is in a state of eternal insult and the other has lost their identity in efforts to appease their oppressor.

The mystery lies in the wests willingness to abandon those principles that have defined  it since the Mighty Persian army and navy were slapped around at Thermopylae for a couple of days by much smaller force of Greeks. Of course when asked if they would peacefully acquiesce to becoming part of the Persian empire, they killed the Persian messengers. To this day they are regarded as the first to defend western culture from eastern absorption.

The switch from patriarchy to matriarchy in the character of the western nations has no point of purchase in dealing with the “toxic masculinity” of the Islam. With the arrogance of a spoiled child, the east migrates west and assumes a position of  physical dependency while guilting the provider for their “misunderstanding”.  Condemning all  of racism or “Islamophobia”. Like a grifter working a mark, the need of the feminized west to maintain a “proper” understanding of the migrants terrible situation, is  but a tool for migrants to leverage power, working to their advantage the wests need for political correctness above all considerations.

The message of our forfathers was not a demand for a wet nurse government to “take care of us”. The Constitution, and Billl of Rights support a “Declaration of Independence”, not a declaration of dependence. The core principals of the America have always been built on getting governance out of the way so that men/women can make their own way.

FLACCID.  Doesn’t sound good does it. Take a look at a 26 year old, jobless, empty pockets and draped  on a comfy chair in front of the T.V. Such is the portrait of a successful socialist. KLIKDAPIK below for a good read on western appeasement.


So how do we deal with an overly feminized western culture that is so ready to be paralyzed by her natural shame and lack of a clear definition of self?

Since the abdication of the nuclear family to the guidance of government and governmental agencies (public schools). Since LBJ installed his “Great Society” program of giving cash to women based on the (forced) absence of a male in the household, the American culture has been in a state of gradual decline.


God bless the Bully Boy Brawler we have at the tiller now.



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