Make My Day Clint!

CBS, NDC,MSNBC,CNN ET AL, have devolved into “Pravda a la water boy” for the Demoncratic party. Popular culture and the outrageous vision of a New world order see the robust culture and dynamic strength of America as a systemic oppressor that must be either hobbled or destroyed. A generation of pampered semiliterate narcissists spoon fed prescreened and cherry-picked news are  writing the story of  our past, present and future. NO challenges have tested their metal. No true deep learning has found purchase in the mind of these brats. They are cast into the world by parents who either ignored them and let them raise themselves, or culled favor with them  so they could be a buddy rather than spiritual guide. Shallow, self consumed and demanding, they strong-arm the world into being what they imagine it should be.

Clint Eastwood, more primal force of nature than mere man, trudges on, carrying the standard for those who remember when America was proud and strong. Clint Eastwood is a voice in the wilderness, calling for us to come home. 


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