Four thousand years ago the Babalonians destroyed the Jewish high temple. At the coming of the common era, the romans dismantled the rebuilt temple  and sold the treasures therein to finance construction of the colosseum. Through the ensuing ages the persecution of the Jews followed the diaspora wherever it was and persecuted the Jews untill the “final solution”  imposed by Nazi Germany systematically murdered 6 million Jews en masse.  

With antisemitism on the rise in Europe and incidents of violence spiking in the states, the influence of “The Squad” is a clarion call the weak-minded Democrats and all creeds of limousine liberals who are more than willing to join the anti-Semitic chorus.  “The Squad” (pictured below), is siding with Hamas, the terrorist group now in power in Palestinian areas from which about 4 thousand missles have been shot at Israel in recent days. .”The  Squad”. are CONGRESSPERSONS… Some useful idiots think, “”The Squad” knows something. … and. “The squad” thinks it knows something…. LYNCH MOBS HAVE SUCH DYNAMICS.. See the source image

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