The Master Bedroom is a KEEP!

There are a lot of rich folk in the Hamptons who are girding their loins and adding  heavily armored “panic rooms”  to guard against a  unwelcome welcome-wagons from MS13, the ultra-violent gang that is finding footholds in the Metros. of America. What could be the cause of this new plague of criminality?  Of course the ever-increasing number of shadow-people (undocumented aliens) crossing the border, fading into the general population and lounging comfortably in the arms of self-designated sanctuary cities may be a factor. Growing enclaves of illegals are providing  nests for following waves of illegals.  The longer the border remains porous, the easier it becomes for each successive wave that crosses into American territory. MS13 advertises it’s extreme violence by asserting they use knives to kill their victims because guns are too quick and painless. But when referred to as “animals” by president Trump, the Democratic leadership responded, through the sage words of Nancy Pelosi, “MS13 are people too!”  Of course Ms. Pelosi probably has her order in for a nice new panic room of her very own.


See the source image



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