Criminal behavior is an area of specific training and experience for me. I always got a chuckle  thinking about how creative and spiritually dedicated many of the long-term convicts become when they are incarcerated. I have some art contrived by inmate hands that shows real talent.

Time and incarceration puts butts in the chairs for A.A. meetings, art classes, dog training etc. The creativity of incarcerated people is endless.

Until they are released. Then all the good intentions get dumped in the trash can as they leave.

Spiritual indoctrination is hot and heavy behind bars as the “captive audience”  is evangelized by other inmates. In the course of many conversations with Muslim recruiters, (usually black gentlemen) I learned much of the attitudes that prevail. 

When queried concerning their relationship with non-Muslims. We are, as Kaffir (non-Muslim), a pest that should either be converted to Islam, be made a Dhimmi (lower caste citizen with no rights),  or be put to death. One gentleman interviewed asserted that until conversion or death, we are categorized along with cockroaches and need “exterminated”. Of course, for the lions share of convicts,  most they have learned in jail goes right out the window  when they hit the streets.  They go on with their lives as criminals. The world gets a bit more dangerous.



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