Too Bold for Comfort



We have only been rid of the Ottomans for a little under a century. Turkey, the cradle of the Ottomon Empire is  presently killing the Pro-American Kurd population on the Iraqi/Syrian  borders. Long considered more advanced than it’s neighbors, a fundamentalist rip tide has developed undermining Turkeys’ true progress toward modernization.  Turkey has always  dogged the heels of the Caucuses, even to the point that we had to enlist the assistance of Dracula in stopping Turkish/Ottoman aggression.

The fearlessness is a little disturbing. Even a hardened criminal plays it cool till he knows the territory. These fools come on like they have nothing to fear in attacking their host countries. Idiots are dangerous. These idiots are doubly troublesome. They inspire other Ottoman wanna-be’s  to idiotic action with their “music”



Is it real?


This video gives good insight into the problems with migrant males in Western Europe.  I am certain part of the sensitivities expressed by Berlin residents has been a strong reaction to new bodies in their space. There is a real problem, however, that will only escalate if there is not a large scale intervention on the part of German authorities.

Horrible production values in the video. But I was riveted by the first hand descriptions of concerned residents. 






Denial can be a shared defense mechanism. The thought that Germany, of all nations, would be less than rigorous in their vigilance for bad guys embedded in the masses of DP”s milling about in refugee camps is particularly disturbing. Is this a national penance?

Germanys reaction to the rise in rapes has a schism at it’s core, speaking to a state of national shame that is almost suicidal in it’s loathing of self.


How real do you want it?

This vid is a clear look at what is really happening on the ground with the immigrants pouring into Europe. The unvarnished truth is hard to come by with the mainstream media. You get a clearer picture from a carnival mirror.  Though subtitled and a little shrill,  this  is worth keeping. 

the following vid hs some numbers that are startling, and general information concerning just who is who and how many of each kicking down the door to Europe’s sooooo generous social welfare goodies. Be informed and be willing to take a shot for being a racist by the Libs.

P.S. A blond, blue-eyed Norwegian Muslim or a black-haired brown-eyed muslim born and raised in the desert. Which race are we being racist to? Islam is a system of beliefs.(religion?) hmmm?  not a gene pool.

No More Lebensraum….for Abdul



Have you heard about the massive demonstrations against Islamization in Germany? Probably not. Much is left to the psychics concerning issues that are held in disdain by the left.  Germany is no exception, Greece ponders it’s possible exit from the EU,

640 LEGIDABritain is treading water in a rip tide of government dependent  Muslim immigrants as well as periodic violence and “no-go zones.”  Spain is at 24% unemployment, Greece is edging on financial oblivion and the story  iterates through virtually all European states.

Europe’s Future Digs (pun intended)

PAPAL BULL ON WHEELS! (Don’t get me wrong, He’s a pretty good Pope)