Samuel Clemens aka Mark TwainKLIKDAPIK…

to read a very balanced article describing Sam Clemens observations of the Ottoman Empire. Clemens narrative reads like an opinion piece one might find in any contemporary newspaper of repute. The New York times the exception of course. Nothing has changed in the world of the Muslim since Clemens wrote “Innocents Abroad” in 1869. People change things they find fault with. People strive to keep things as they are when they are happy with the status quo.

So why is there this protracted confusion about the true culpability for the expansionist bent of the Muslim faith. They have, since Jefferson kicked their ass at Tripoli, been quite happy with their religion. 

Remember the story of the frog and the scorpion? The scorpion wishing to cross a small stream , asks a frog to give him a lift on his back to cross the stream. The frog said no. “If I let you on my back you will surely sting me!” the scorpion replied. “Oh! No! If I sting you I will surely drown with you.”

Thus reassured the frog let the scorpion crawl onto his back. About halfway across the stream he stings the frog. “Why ?” Asked the frog as both sank into the water, “You will surely drown now!” Why did you sting me!” “Because it’s my nature.” Replied the offender as they sank beneath the water. “Because it’s my nature.”


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