Tiny Trees



We used to gather round the ol’ black and white T.V. near Christmas and all watch the Peanuts Gang. We had three networks and four channel selections, So what might be a Christmas special among a crowed of other such programs actually became a family tradition. Each spring, when the tornados tread, “The Wizard of OZ” was the family bill of fare, In the fall “the Great Pumpkin made his spooky appearance on Halloween.

It’s Linus who delivers the goods…. simple, sweet, full of love and spiritually inspiring.



These days, with countless channels and viewing options, we get to see the most embarrassing bit of ‘special education’ I have ever witnessed. I can’t contrive such idiocy as  proselytized by our first couple in their comments about the show. So here ya go………. It’s almost impossible to see this and not cringe a couple of times……




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