Dumb, dumber…then there is “American” Duh


Of late I have been thinking about how things were and how things have changed in the passing of a half century. It is a gift of having lived for sixty years. More has changed in this lifetime than I ever expected. In considering history I have always thought in terms of distant times and a slow slog one age to the next. But things have changed in my lifetime. A lot. More than I am comfortable with. And the one thing that I never even considered has happened; The character of the American citizen has changed faster and more profoundly than I ever anticipated.  I think we may lose the United States of America.

Something from out there; something from the shadows beyond the pale, smashes through to intrude upon our world. The world wars(ya know 1st and 2nd) were such a  threat. Communism posed an existential threat for 50 years.

We understand the threat from beyond. We know what to do. Strike out, away from the center, establish a perimeter and  protect the center at all costs. Someone somewhere said : “Nothing bonds people like a common enemy.”  Usually a good war reconciles America. In a flash we bond to an external threat. But, (and it,s a big butt! I never imagined, never looked, never saw the damning truth  as the confused cloud of cultural toxin formed on the horizon! Like  the red wall of an Oklahoma Duster it has rolled over the landscape, consumed all in its path and permeates every crevice.  And I don’t know if there is hope for the continued survival of America. The enemy is the popular culture.  The hull is rotten and it seems a step in any direction will sink us.

The ‘center’ of the American character, when brought into concert with others of like mind creates an indomitable spirit. The ingrediants always include: self reliance,  a sound work  ethic, (as well as a sound respect for recreation), fearless honesty,  generosity of spirit. As well as loyalty, and compassion (tempered with practicality)…for starters.  A more thorough meta-analysis of the American character will have to wait for another article. Suffice it to say the American character is vital, and can be held as the progenitor of the greatest civilization of all time…..USofA!  Nuff said fer now!

I see its putrid advance as it metastasizes. The growth of the “recreational culture” that blights the current American landscape is defined by: Self imposed ignorance  (aggravated stupidity). And of course the Hydrogen Bomb of progressive mind-set, (tension mounting)  the VICTIM EXCUSE!!!,   overwhelming self obsession, others-blaming , , ifinite etc.. A spiritual laziness has overwhelmed our people. Anything difficult or restrictive of selfish urges is labeled (uncool), and rejected. Learning is one of the un-coolist things out there right now. Ignorance You know “Ah bin gon down to da stow fo’ sum shit.” Is cool. The equation goes, (ignorance =  street creds). Education is too white, (for white kids too)  too hard or   too geekish,, etc. The language, values of education and work, the strive for excellence, the duty to a thing greater than oneself,…  hence the blessings of westen civ. today, beliefs held in utmost contempt.


We rank 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math among other post-industrial countries. It bodes ill for a bare bodkin! We are fat lazy and stupid. God it’s good to be an American!


An educated citizenry is the greatest guarantee of freedom maintained.    We are, by our own volition, becoming a nation of imbeciles….. Example::    Waters is a humorous guy and the interviews seem rather frivolous on first glance, but they clearly demonstrate the generation of imbeciles who have taken possession of the culture at large.


If you’re the village idiot you will find fault with education and educated people.  If your a lazy village idiot and on government assistance, (as are well over 40%) of the American public you are gaining on one out of every American on the dole to one degree or the other. That means: If you’re slow others will race at a walk, if you are stupid others will lower the standards for you. And don’t worry about failure.  All judgements, of good and bad, succsess and failure are passe’ concepts. As a matter of fact failure, as a valid concept, will be eliminated from the culture. 

Kliakdapik next to see an article concerning what we are teaching or children in Leu of readin’, writin’, and rithmatic! It appears our schools are a matter of social engineering. To bad they don’t mind a society of illiterate dolts.





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