The American Script

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is an excellent interview all-round.

But the second half has a theme that points to the Neopuritanism that is being pushed by the progressive bowel movement. (uh, movement without the bowel part I guess). The script is there, being spat out and replied to like a litany to the choir since the 1930’s. “The Script” refers, not to a specific movie script, but to the progressive agenda of  the media industry on the whole.


Lionel Barrymore: He is the heavy in one of the classics in American cinema, “It’s a Wonderful Life” He is the quinisential bad guy; a white male!     OOOOOOOOO Evil

Christianity is on the short list of condemnable groups/activities/thoughts/etc. ad nauseum,… with white males, admission standards, winning anything, or judging negatively about anything. Succsess in business is despised and is given short shrift in the pop cult.

  As Churchill asserted  “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”


Waterhole #3 where we learn that rape is ok if you’r cool. before and after you do it.

Liberals are, essentially, stuck in an eternal adolescence. And the mid-sixties advent of the “anti-hero,” brought forth such characters as James Coburn in “Waterhole #3”, a light hearted romp through the west in which a thief that is being pursued by the law rapes the female lead. This little impropriaty serves to set up the running gag of her trying to get her father, the sheriff, to take it seriously. Thus the birth of the anti-hero!  While he hilariously just keeps blowing her off  (tee hee, tee hee! How humorous!) But the standard had been met and the message was, you can do anything! As long as you’re cool and attractive it’s OK.

This morality of the teen-ager now permeates the popular culture. And, regrettably, these gifted youngsters have come to positions of power in the media industry. So we will stop using gas today and then we can fly on wind powered chariots! Because the cumulative wisdom of the “Popular Powers That Be” is, “Cuz I said so!”

The distinction between adult and child has become muddled. Without parents, dedicated to the rearing, education, and spiritual condition of the children, you get “The Corn Field”  The two parent home, with a mother to nurture and a father to set and uphold boundaries and behavior is fading into the dingy halls of the hoary past. Illegitimacy  and divorce are on the upswing. All this misbehavior and no villain? No devastating war or financial depression? No multitude starving. No government subsidized massacres? Stress? Xbox on the blink?

The hew and cry is deafening. A generation of twenty something’s, spoiled children, now angry young adults, just  lying on moms couch waiting for the 25 dollar an hour job playing video games walks through the front door. The great  pop cult script letting us all share equally in our misery, is our mother, father, savior and undertaker. If we can recite the “script” and not show too much variance from the accepted norm we will be approved of. We can play the hero again.

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