In the Redoubt

Thank God I am at this end of my life.  Thank God My partner and I got to see Europe before the fall. A shadow spreads across the eastern fronteres of Europe. Ole’ “Vlad the Impaler!” once left the impaled bodies of thousands across the path of oncoming Turkish armies as a warning about invading further. It worked. An Eon ago. Now the second wave insidiously insinuates itself thoughout eastern Europe. No Vllad. They are winning.

  The EU is going to have to accept responsibility for the destruction of Europe.

Australia, less beguiled by the self-sacrificial urges of our European brethren, has installed a successful program that turns back foreign invaders peacefully. Australia, capable of saying no, will not sacrifice the future to placate the present..

Soon, however, if the onslaught continues as it has, it will be “Put another infidel on the barbi! Abdul!”.

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