Yusuf, A.K.A. Cat Stevens

Art Garfunkel, who was part of pop duo Simon & Garfunkel, highlighted how an influx of Muslims from war-torn states could change the nature of Europe

Art Garfunkel

Cat Stevens whence have you gone?  Once upon a time your sweet melodies and gentle wisdom carried in your lyrics beguiled and transformed us. Now you are a fuzzy little Muslim dedicated to such enterprises as supporting a fatwa on  Salman Rushdie for blasphemy. Death sentence. Yes you got it. The “Peace Train” guy is telling us that he thinks the death warrant passed on Rushdie, by some dude somewhere should be carried out.

Art Garfunkel, whom I swear stole his voice from an angel, seems to have crossed that bridge over troubled water to a  discover a few of his own epiphanies. A rather surprising revelation of late: The Muslim migrant movement is not enhancing European but supplanting it. I don’t know if it’s a transformation or a coming out party with Monsignor Garfunkel. Having stumbled  around Europe myself, I can tell you first hand that things are getting  out of hand. I fear Europes best has been spent. 

P.S., Don’t be too harsh with Art, (this is going to the progressive church) he may have finally found out that the truth and wishful thinking are different species. Knowing how rare such scrapes with objective reality are for the entertainment community, he may be still struggling to cram reality into a progressive cookie mold. As is the custom with Limolibs.


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