Shadows on the Wall

Plato’s’ “Allegory of the Cave” speaks of mans illusory relationship with the world. Nearly 3 millennia ago Plato saw our self – deceptive nature. Often what we want becomes all we can see. When all we see is just shadows on the wall, it can all change with a flicker of the candles flame.

When Mueller’s report came out and it fell right in line with the scuttlebutt  that preceded its release.  The scuttlebutt being that there really wan’t anything to the charges of  Trump colluding with the Russians The not so quiet whispers from pundit land said, “Oh Well not too much to see here.”

THERE WERE OTHERS who saw things differently. There were others who had fabricated a world of grandiose visions to fill the void where facts were absent. Poor Rachel Maddow. She must have put herself to sleep each night with visions of Impeachment dancing in her head. Of course, as Icarus discovered, Ms. Maddow learned what happens when you fly too high……. You fall too far. What do you do when the revolution grinds to a halt, when you finally get the memo that there wasn’t there and you have ranted for two years and then ……..nothing.  Time for a moment of reflection.  Where am I?  Where do I go from here?

Iranian nuclear progress


I posted my first statement to the world a few weeks ago with the sense that I was running out of time. I felt that mushroom clouds may obscure my message. The point of resonance in the world is reaching critical mass (pun grimly admitted to). Russia has not had a meaningful role in middle east politics in the last two and a half decades and we have been effectively pushed out of the middle east. Well, we just left I guess. No one, no superpower with a vested interest in a secular world is at the helm. No one is in charge. The world is becoming deadly. Mullahs, religious leaders of a regime marked by it’s desire to “wipe Israel from the map” as a way of fulfilling Koranic prophecy in starting the final apocalypse.