Do We just Want the Truth or Just the Truth We Want.

If anyone gets invited to the white house it should be this kid. Or rather, this fine young man.


From the mouths of babes…..  “Just the facts mam, (or sir).” was Officer Fridays aloha on the series “Dragnet”. In other words, “cut the crap and just tell ’em what happened.”  To the  media mob there is no need for the facts, (and the truth they point to) because revealing the facts often confounds the plot line they have fabricated. To a salesman the story is always more important than any troublesome facts one might encounter in the telling.

What does this look like? A clock? An explosive devise? You don’t know. Do you risk hurting someones feelings or do you risk a mass murder?

Of all the characters in the ballet only those pleasing to the resident media are spotlighted. All other dancers scurry about the shadows, unnoticed and anonymous.

 Since the “beer summit” it has been clear that this administration was comfortable working hand in hand with the press when it furthered the liberal story line. To the Mobs (mainstream media) chagrin, however, this administration will exclude them when the facts point to an “inconvenient truth” that might weaken their rhetoric.

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