Generosity? Fear?

What do you do with thousands of people standing at your border?

When you leave your back door open (in this case it is both front and back door), you really cant pick and choose who gets what your giving and what their story is.


It could be that some are just looking for a better standard of living. Which is not a reason for asylum. Don’t matter… the barn door is open and the cows so busy rushing through the opening they can’t get the doors shut!UK Muslims pelt soldier in uniform with eggs, excrementklikdapikslikUS confirms: US-trained Syrian rebels gave their weapons to al-QaedaHey bro! They’er givin’ away M-16’s down on the corner! Get one! They’er not checking ID or nothin’. Hey I hear cuz Abdule is Jihading this season and is looking for bargains! Come on Down !!



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