In news cycles rife with bias and negativism, a little positive news can have a healing effect on jaded spirits. Sitting, as I am, at the foot of NORAD, with the air force academy on the north, and Ft, Carson to the south I have had the privilege of counseling a few soldiers who were having difficulties adjusting to returning home. Having their back, is vital, sometimes critical. Thankfully, I have never had a client (in or out of the military) suicide while in my care, but suicide, depression, PTSD, and drug abuse are a growing problem in our returning military. I would like to remind everyone that we all have a part in a warfighters deployment.  It is the obligation of civilians to catch these young men and women as they free-fall back into the civilian world and show them the defferance they have earned.

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On one of my many visits to Palmer high School to deal with the antics of one of my sociopathic daughters I spotted a rather tall thin woman approaching the waiting room She was an awkward and gangly figure, with thin legs and bony knees. She was wearing a kind of retro-floral loung- lizard dress and what was a hideously quaffd blond B-52.

Well, you guessed it. He was a she…. he/she was called Buzz by the students and evidently worked hard for the moniker by hi/her  wanton fraternization with the students in pot smoked nooks and crannies all over Colorado Springs..

Trump recently banned (delayed) admission of transgender folks in the military.

I can imagine “Buzz” Running over the bodies and carnage of all sorts in his white (cute open toes and strap}, toward the ramparts, his wig askew and falling over from the vicissitudes of war. With a cut e little tear up the thigh of his floral print to show off the stringy sinew of his thighs. . He could wear grenades as ear rings and several poison bobby pins for the last true measure of fashion courage. ..





.Obamas’ predecessor always wore a suit while in the oval office. He wore the suit out of respect. Our homey Obama, however can’t be bothered by such petty amenities. You can’t be reverent when you are the soul source of the magic. To submit is to concede. If you are “Top Dog”, concession equals abdication.   Obama, it seems, is still playing to his tragically cool base. And cool dudes don’t follow such petty affectations.,